Digitising Manufacturing Environments

This process can involve scanning an existing facility and create a digital ‘twin’. This can be used to significantly de-risk expansion/growth at the planning stages and on-going can be used to “Promote, Inform and Educate” potential clients and staff. key messaging around what makes the facility unique.

Potential Uses of this model are as follows:

Virtual factory/facility tours for sales teams utilising informative animated fly throughs, virtual reality and interactive tours

Space planning, production workflow analysis, virtual control centre linked to live machine data (IoT)

Bespoke to facility Health and safety inductions for clients, staff and new starter training in with interactive results and feedback ensuring continuous improvement.

Manufacturing Process Improvement

The challenge is to create a digital workflows to vastly improve the manual processes in terms of accuracy and speed. This can involve using state-of-the-art technologies, such as 3D scanning and 3D Mesh editing. This can not only streamline the production process and improve the productivity of the business; but also stages of the production process can be brought off-site and worked on outside of the manufacturing environment – effectively taking what you do to your client. There are further benefits that can then be explored including Additive Manufacturing, Virtual Reality prototyping, Digital Simulation and Digital Quality Control.