Modern visualisation methods to enhance the learning experience, engaging students with interactivity. Collaborative educational research and academic papers, with 'kick starter' content bundles from £2000 +VAT. Common outputs comprise still images, video animations, 3D ‘mass distribution’ viewers, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Level one

Semi technical content designed for simple interaction for Lay audiences, public engagement, outreach projects, open day activities, student recruitment & conversion and early stage teaching upto high school. These experiences are designed to be self explanatory and require very brief instructions and simple user interface.

Level Two

Technical Content designed to enhance learning materials including online learning for immersive visualisation of abstract concepts. This content can be used to broaden learning potential of teaching material, creating a learning experience beyond simple memory, which can be embedded into teaching & learning material at all levels. The intention being augmenting education through an additional layer of engagement. This has the benefit of widening learning style with embedded gamification to encourage student engagement, interaction and even assessment and feedback.

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